Is Brandon finally getting OpenData?

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In the last few weeks City of Brandon have been adding to their list of opendata datasets. One in particular – Current River Levels – has me doing a little happy dance inside.

You see in the past, most of the datasets were historical in nature and not “live”. The river level dataset in the past, would have updated information the next day. Any body using this dataset would always be a day behind. Yet, on the cities river level website they provided that information that day. Why couldn’t this be available on the api? If the city used the api as their source for the website, everybody could benefit.

Well looks like somebody inside the city is getting the picture of how open data should be used – finally!

Starting last month, the city started a new dataset – “Current River Levels”. They then updated their river level website to (at least from what I can tell) to pull from that data. Bravo!

So what can we do with this data? As an example, I updated @ybrtweets to tweet out the daily river level when it updates:

So thank you City of Brandon for finally changing your process to allow opendata to shine through!